Drone Aerial Photography

Houston, Texas

Aerial photo of Hilton hotel near Houston, Texas

Drone Aerial Photos

Drones allow us to get the aerial photos that only helicopters could get before ... and for a fraction of the cost! Our drones are used for aerial mapping, construction, real estate aerial photography, and everything in between! We’re a Part 107 FAA certified operator and ready to fly your drone aerial photography project!

Not only are we FAA certified be we also carry insurance for all of our drone aerial photography projects.  Let us get you on our photography schedule today.  Continue reading below to learn more about our drone aerial photography services.
Construction progress aerial photo near Houston, Texas
Construction Progress Aerial Photography
Example of a drone aerial photo of real estate near Houston, Texas
Real Estate Aerial Photography
Orthophoto of mapping project photographed with a drone
Aerial Mapping Projects

Drone Photography Limitations

Drones are great but they do have their limitations.  Currently in the United States our drone aerial photography projects are limited to flying at or below 400' AGL (above ground level) without a waiver. In addition, certain locations, close to airports and other sensitive areas,  may have further altitude restrictions or may prohibit drone flight all together without an aerial photography waiver.  The waiver process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two to get approved so it's best to start early.  Contact us today and we can evaluate your location and get you on our schedule!

Road construction aerial photo of bridge near Houston, Texas

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Aerial photography done


Aerial Photography Houston Texas
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